1. Game can be played through the Internet (up to 4 players).
2. Access to your web site directly through the game.
3. Automatically upgrade your product information with new model graphics using the Internet or outside files.
4. Customers can print coupons from the CD-ROM for monthly sales and service specials.

5. Customize your contact information through the web site using passwords or dealer codes to access the game.

6. Your company's web site can be copied directly to the CD-ROM and viewed locally on your customer's PC.
7. Sell co-op advertising to "Trade Name Suppliers". These ads could be placed on the main screen or game screen.
9. Custom CD inserts and computer splash screen with your company information and logos.
10. A customer database could be obtained as customers register or upgrade the software. E-mail addresses could also be obtained for an "opt-in" list for bulk e-mail campaigns.

11. Full 3D rendering of cars and game layout.

12. Full voice over option for game text messages.

13. Game will have a working (auto maintenance) database section for your customers.

14. Maintenance schedule(s) can be included in the database section and can include the following features:

A. Maintenance Screen ”No Typing" drop down window for input of recommended maintenance.

B. Maintenance Screen service due alert.

C. Maintenance Screen note section for the vehicle owner.

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