1. Giving a "FREE" CD to every consumer that test drives a vehicle will increase showroom traffic.
2. Increase product recognition with younger drivers as well as older drivers.
3. Game runs from a CD (easy storage, no install necessary).
4. Sending your product information home with each consumer will increase product knowledge. The information will be retained by the game and its service / maintenance database for an extended period.
5. Customers will realize that your dealership(s) & service department(s) are there to help them.
6. Consumers will realize recycling and the community are important to your company.
7. Consumers will learn that your dealership(s) recycle oils, coolant and batteries.
8. The software will educate owners about importance of preventive maintenance.
9. Easy access to new product information through a link to your company's web site.
10. Children will want their parents to take a test drive to receive the "FREE" CD game.
11. Your salespeople will have more consumers to talk to. The software can be displayed in an "open video loop" inside the showroom. Consumers can receive a "FREE" copy in exchange for their name, address and phone number.
12. Future drivers will have your product and dealership information in their homes (and on their computer) from an early age.

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